11 Nov '19

Environmental Impact Assessment on investment proposal: “Road II-11 „Mizia – Oryahovo – Krushovene” – Detour of Oryahovo town from km 0+000 to 8+770,00

Contracting Authority: Road Infrastructure Agency
Contractor: Consortium “P-united – VDP 2”
Conclusion of the Contract: 08.06.2019
Completion of the Contract: November, 2019
Territorial scope: Oryahovo town, village of Leskovets and village of Selanovtsi
Status: Completed

Project Background: The investment proposal (IP) refers to “Road II-11 „Mizia – Oryahovo – Krushovene” and it is for construction of road – detour of Oryahovo town.
The existing road II-11 „Lom – Kozloduy – Mizia – Oryahovo – Krushovene – Nikopol” is an important transport artery of the so-called Kraydunavski route. The road section is established connection between settlements in the municipality of Oryahovo and the ports of Lom and Nikopol. Implementation of the investment proposal will improve this connection. The detour is intended to export the road traffic from the town of Oryahovo, which will improve the sanitary and hygienic conditions of the environment. This improvement will result in reduction of the emissions of harmful substances emitted into the lowest layer of the atmosphere, reduction of noise and vibration levels in the urban area, prevention of pollution of street lanes with possible scattered transport loads, and reduced risk of road accidents in the area of Oryahovo town.
Project Objectives: The purpose of the investment proposal is construction of detour of Oryahovo town. It is related to removal of the transit, generated and attracted traffic outside of the central part of the town of Oryahovo, by constructing a detour road and reliable drainage of the road body.
Our approach:
Preparation of a Terms of Reference for the scope and content of the EIA of the investment proposal.
Preparation of Compatibility Assessment Report.
Preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report of the investment proposal.
Preparation of Non-technical summary.
Conducting public discussions.
Results: The High Ecological Expert Council of MOEW reviewed and approved the EIA Report on the investment proposal “Road II-11 „Mizia – Oryahovo – Krushovene” – Detour of Oryahovo city from km 0+000 to 8+770,00.