31 Aug '17

"P-United" Ltd. successfully completed a final Detailed Development Plan - Plot Plan for a new overhead line 400 kV

On 18.08.2017 a meeting of the Technical Council of the Contracting Authority ESO S.A. was conducted in order to review submitted by P-United Ltd, in its capacity of Contractor draft of the final Detailed Development Plan- Plot Plan (DDP-PP).
The final DDP-PP was prepared as part of the Fourth Stage of Project: "Drafting project of Detailed Development Plan; Environmental Impact Assessment and Compatibility Assessment; Technical project and Project on final detailed development plan for new  overhead power line (OHL) 400 kV from Maritsa East SS (Republic of Bulgaria) to Nea Santa SS (Republic of Greece) on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria".
After presentation on the final DDP-PP by experts of the Contractor and discussions held with the Contracting Authority, the Technical Council decided to adopt the final DDP-PP on the new OHL 400.
As a final stage of the implementation of the project, the coordination of the adopted final DDP-PP with the interested central and territorial administrations, the specialized control bodies and the operating companies according to the SPA and the special laws, is forthcoming.