10 Aug '17

Experts from P-United Ltd. contributed for successful completion of a complex procedure for assessing the need of Environmental Impact Assessment (Screening Report) on Montupet’s investment proposal

Montupet Group is a French-Canadian industrial group that has long been recognized as an industry leader in the manufacture of complex cast aluminium components for the automotive industry worldwide. Montupet Group is in Bulgaria since 2006.
In 2012 after frequent odor alerts in the Eastern part of Ruse, the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water (RIEW) – Ruse points Montupet as the sole source of odors. RIEW-Ruse issued prescriptions for change in the parameters of Montupet’s IPPC permit related to coverage of all emission sources by the ventilation system and all of the ventilation and treatment facilities. Montupet denies it is the source of odors and insists the actual sources to be identified and sanctioned.
In 2015 after inspection during technical maintenance on one of the facilities and without exceeding the target values RIEW-Ruse closed out one of the production lines. The immediate application as well as the sanction itself have been annulled by the Supreme Adiministrative Court (SAC) in 2016.
In 2016 RIEW-Ruse closed out a production hall with two production lines without exceeding the target values based only on inspection with thermal camera by the Border Police. RIEW-Ruse issued prescriptions for sealing out windows and fire vents that had been permitted in the IPPC permit with requirement for update of the IPPC permit.
In order to respond to the issued prescriptions as well as modernization and unification of the existing plants in Montupet with the authorized ones in the IPPC permit, as well as mitigation impact on the environment and minimize the risk of fugitive emissions Montupet prepares an investment proposal. The investment proposal is: Modernization of ventilation system and new supporting activities to company for manufacturing of aluminium components for the automotive industry. The investment proposal covers also construction of some new facilities necessary for operation of existing plants on the site and leads to reducing the risk of emissions as well as improve the working environment and the overall air balance within the plant.
P-United Ltd. supported Montupet Ltd. in the procedure for assessing the need of Environmental Impact Assessment (Screening Report) on the investment proposal through professional preparation of all the necessary documents and consulting the Investor during the whole procedure.
P-United, in his capacity of mediator, in collaboration with the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, contributed for the successful completion of the complex procedure.
As a result the Head of RIEW-Ruse issued a Decision № РУ-74-ПР/2017 that states an Environmental Impact Assessment on the investment proposal is not necessary because the investment proposal is not expected to cause significant impact on natural habitats, populations and habitats of species subject to conservation in protected sites as well as on human health in case of implementation of certain conditions. Some of the conditions are as follows:
- To present investment programme against air contamination in Ruse.
- The ecological norms and legislation to be respected.
- Montupet Ltd. to introduce own system for air monitoring that gives real-time data to the population in Ruse.
The most risky and important step for implementation of the Montupet’s investment proposal was passed with the completion of the EIA procedure.