16 Jan '17

„P-United“ Ltd. completed successfully first phase of implementation of project on construction of new overhead line

In January 2017 „P-United“ Ltd.  completed successfully first phase: „Updating the route  for new OHL 400 kV from Maritsa East SS (BG) to Nea Santa SS (GR) and drafting Preliminary Development Plan” of project: „Drafting Preliminary Development Plan; Environmental Impact Assessment and Compatibility Assessment; Technical project and Project on final development plan for new overhead line (OHL) 400 kV from Maritsa East SS (Republic of Bulgaria) to Nea Santa SS (Republic of Greece) on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria”.
The project is implementing in accordance with Contract under public procurement with Contracting Authority: “Electricity System Operator” S.A.  (“ESO” S.A.) and Contractor “P-United” Ltd.
The route of the new overhead line 400 kV was chosen within the First phase of the project as well as Preliminary Development Plan was drafted. The Preliminary Development Plan was coordinated with the agencies concerned, regulatory authorities and operating companies. It was adopted by the Expert councils on spatial planning (ESUT) to the relevant affected municipalities.