15 Nov '16

„Biophysical assessment on the state of urban ecosystems”

Contracting Authority: Forest Research Institute, BAS.
Implemented by:  P-United Ltd.
Conclusion of the contract: 14.06.2016
Completion of the contract:  13.10.2016
Territorial scope: Republic of Bulgaria
Status: Completed.

 Project Background: Forest Research Institute, BAS, conducted a procedure in accordance with the Public Procurement Act for choice of contractor of public call with subject: “Biophysical assessment on the state of urban ecosystems”.
The procedure is part of implementation of project: „Toward better UNderstanding the Ecosystem Services in URBan environments through assessment and mapping TUNESinURB”.
TUNESinURB aims to create an ecosystem-based information system on urban ecosystems and their ecosystem services through the application of a set of indicators for assessing and mapping with a view to better understanding and implementation of sectoral policies for device and Development territories. The project is funded under a program BG 03 Biodiversity and ecosystems, financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA FM) 2009-2014.
“P-United”Ltd. was chosen as Contractor of the “Biophysical assessment on the state of urban ecosystems” in a result of the conducted procedure.
Project objectives: Biophysical assessment on the state of urban ecosystems in Bulgaria.
Our approach: 
- Review and assessment on the available literature on the indicators in urban ecosystems in the country.
- Data collection on indicators of state of urban ecosystems types and subtypes, covering 100% of the national territory without the Natura 2000 sites.
- Inventory and collecting data on indicators in the pilot regions of Varna, Maritsa, Karlovo and Makresh and at the sites of fieldwork.
- Processing and analyzing results by the fieldwork.
- Creation of an information platform with types and subtypes of urban ecosystems.
- Assessment on state of all subtypes urban ecosystems based on the available collected database concerning indicators.
- Conducting fieldwork in order to validate the results and for assessment on the state of ecosystems.
- Conducting meetings, demonstrations and interviews with interested institutions and local individuals.
- Formulate conclusions and recommendations on the methodology for mapping and assessment based on the results.
Challenges and Solutions: A major challenge was collecting database of indicators for state of urban ecosystems, given the lack of sufficient and reliable data as well as difficult communication at institutional level. The experience of the expert team from "P-United" Ltd. helped to overcome the challenge and the project was successfully completed within the four-month period.
Results: Biophysical assessment on the state of urban ecosystems in Bulgaria was done.
The Contract Authority accepts the Final Report for project implementation through Protocol from 14.11.2016.