15 Jun '16

Forest Research Institute, BAS, defined "P-United" Ltd. as contractor of: “Biophysical assessment on the state of urban ecosystems”

After conducting procedure in accordance with the Public Procurement Act, “P-United” Ltd. was defined by Forest Research Institute, BAS, as contractor of: “Biophysical assessment on the state of urban ecosystems”. The assessment is part of project: “Toward better understanding the ecosystem services in urban environments through assessment and mapping" (TUNESinURB).
In connection with implementation the contract “P-United” Ltd. will:
- Review and assess the available literature on the indicators in urban ecosystems in the country.
- Collect data on indicators of state of urban ecosystems types and subtypes, covering 100% of the national territory without the Natura 2000 sites.
- Make an inventory and raise data on indicators in the pilot regions of Varna, Maritsa, Karlovo and Makresh and at the sites of fieldwork.
- Process and analyze the results by fieldwork.
- Create an information platform with types and subtypes of urban ecosystems.
- Assess the state of all subtypes urban ecosystems.
- Conduct field work to validate the results and for assessment on the state of ecosystems.
The deadline for implementation of the public invitation is 4 months.