27 Jul '16

Modification of the IPPC permit of “Metal” SA

P-United Ltd. successfully completed the awarded by “Metal” SA activity on reviewing and if necessary – modification of the IPPC permit in connection with operation of plants and facilities for surface treatment of metals in the category of industrial activities.
“Metal” SA, Varna, is а specialized manufacturer of mortise locks, locks and hinges, metal doors, zinc-aluminum alloys and steel strips.
Implementation of the activity by P-United Ltd. is connected with quality and timely preparation of the following documents:
Appendix № 6 of the Ordinance on conditions and procedures for issuing IPPC permits, including proposed changes.
Comparison between the proposed changes and the best available techniques (BAT), including evidence for the application of best available techniques.
Report on the basic state.
Preparation of new mathematical modeling of air pollutants.
Preparation of the documents under the awarded activity is connected with application of modern methods as well as compliance to the maximum extent with the expectations of the Executive Environmental Agency (EEA).