10 Oct '15

Research on morphological composition of municipal solid waste generated on the territory of Valchi dol Municipality and development of Municipal Waste Management Program 2014-2020

Contracting Authority: Valchi dol Municipality
Implemented by: „P-United“ Ltd.
Conclusion of the contract: 21.03.2015
Completion of the contract: 02.10.2015
Territorial scope: Muncipality of Valchi dol
Status: Completed.

Project Background: In accordance with the Waste Management Act mayors of municipalities should develop and implement Municipal Waste Management Program. Development of such a program is result from depth research, analysis on combination of different factors as well as identifying development directions. Morphological composition of municipal solid waste (MSW) is a key element of waste management.
In order to implement the commitments in accordance with the Waste Management Act Valchi dol Municipality assigned „P-United” Ltd. to carry out research on morphological composition of MSW as well as to develop Municipal Waste Management Program for the period of 2014-2020.

Project objectives: Key project objective is to identify strategic objectives, which implementation will guarantee sustainable waste management to Valchi dol Municipality till 2020 as well as compliance with the National and European legislation. Another key objective is to obtain information on composition of generated municipal solid waste. This information is critical, especially for making  the right decisions on waste management, sizing of systems, installations and equipment for their treatment.

Our approach:
„P-United“ Ltd.
carried out research on the current state of waste management in the municipallity.
„P-United“ Ltd. analyzed the national legislation on waste management and identified commitments of the Municipallity based on the EPA.
„P-United“ Ltd. analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the Municipallity on waste management.
 „P-United“ Ltd.  carried out research on morphological composition of MSW generated on the territory of Valchi dol Municipality. The following fractions: „plastic“, „metals“ and „textiles“ are with the largest share according to the results.
„P-United“ Ltd.  developed a forecast of solid waste quantity and composition for the period of 2015-2020.
„P-United“ Ltd. carried out consultations with public and stakeholders. As a result, taking in mind received opinions and suggestions, „P-United” Ltd. identified 4 strategic objectives, accompanied by 8 operational objectives and 7 subprograms. There is an action plan for each of the subprograms.

Challenges and Solutions: Collecting data on waste quantities from different types of generators and recovery companies was major challenge during implementation of the project. The reason was outdated reporting system. „P-United“ Ltd. deal by taking in mind complex of factors, assessed and eliminated disadvantages as far as possible. In order to facilitate the work ahead „P-United“ Ltd. made the following recommendations in the Municipal Waste Management Program: introduction of an information system for waste management in the Valchi dol Municipality; creation and maintenance electronic register of sites for waste management, which are subject to control by Valchi dol Municipality; development of annual plans and annual reports on exercising waste management control by the Municipallity.

Results: As a result „P-United“ Ltd. provided within deadline to Valchi dol Municipality Program on waste management in the territory of  Municipality of Valchi dol during the period 2014-2020 and Report on analysis and assessment the morphological composition of municipal solid waste generated on the territory of  Valchi dol Municipality.
Implementation of the proposed measures by „P-United“ Ltd. in the Municipal Waste Management Program guarantees sustainable waste  management during the program period and achievement the objectives set.