05 Oct '11

„LIDL Bulgaria“ – Waste management permit

„P-United“ successfully completed procedure of Waste management permit (Permit in accordance with Art. 37 of the WMA) for “LIDL Bulgaria”.

Worksheets on classification of waste types for all sites of „LIDL Bulgaria“ in Republic of Bulgaria were approved during the first stage of procedure on receiving Waste management permit by the relevant Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water (RIEW). Sites of „LIDL Bulgaria“ are located on the territory of the whole country so worksheets were submitted for approval to all of the RIEW.

The relevant RIEWs agreed the Company waste management programmes for all of the sites of „LIDL Bulgaria“ on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria as a further stage of the procedure on receiving a Permit in accordance with Art. 37 of  WMA. Waste management programme for all sites of „LIDL Bulgaria“ was approved by RIEW-Sofia.

Record books were submitted and certified by the relevant RIEW because “LIDL Bulgaria”, whose activity is related to generation and/or treatment of waste is required to keep record books for generated waste. It is necessary to prepare annual records, which were prepared for 2010 by "P-United" Ltd.

As next step “P-United” prepared application for authorization in accordance with Article 37 of WMA. The application was submitted in the Ministry of Environment and Water. MEW issued a permit in accordance with Art. 37 of WMA to “LIDL Bulgaria”. The project completed successfully.