01 Jan '10

IPPC permits

“P-United” already has 7 successfully concluded procedures on IPPC permits in its curriculum vittae.

The experts from “P-United” Ltd., together with BSECEE, prepared professional application forms for IPPC permits of  “Monbat” SA, “Agropolichim” SA, “Sviloza” SA, “Serzhani” Ltd., “Chelopech Mining” SA, “Start” SA and TPP “Sviloza” SA.
Sites which are subject to IPPC permit and which are in the scope of “P-United”’s work, includes as industrial plants, as landfills and landfills for hazardous waste.

It is pleasure for us to announce that preparation of IPPC permits for all of our customers was implemented professional, in short terms, in compliance with the Bulgarian and European legislation and approved without remarks.

As our current as our future customers can rely on our professionalism and high quality of work.