20 Apr '12

Report of EIA on investment proposal “Regional waste management in the region of Pazardzhik” was approved by the EEC to the RIEW-Pazardzhik.

 “P-United” successfully completed procedure of EIA of Pazardzhik Municipality. Their investment proposal “Regional waste management in the region of Pazardzhik” received a positive assessment by the EEC to RIEW-Pazardzhik for prepared by “P-United” Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Report on Compatibility Assessment (CA).

It was necessary to prepare to the EIA Report a Report of Compatibility Assessment (CA) of the investment proposal within the object and purpose of protected site “Besaparski ridove” under Natura 2000 network.
The procedure of assessment the EIA Report quality, public consultation and EEC completed successfully. Shortly, the procedure was conducted in the following order:

The investor submitted EIA Report on the investment proposal to the RIEW-Pazardzhik for quality assessment. RIEW-Pazardzhik gave a positive assessment on the EIA Report as well as on the CA Report attached to the EIA Report.
A date was determined for public consultation on the EIA Report of the investment proposal. It was conducted on 21st and 22nd of March, 2012 in the Municipality of Pazardzhik, Mayor Halls of village Aleko Konstantinovo and village Rakitinovo.
The experts from “P-United” presented a brief summary on the EIA Report  and the CA
Report of the investment proposal during the public consultation.
Stakeholders raised questions on various environmental components described in the EIA and CA Reports and assessment made. They received comprehensive responses to their questions. Minute of the public consultation, including raised questions and received answers was submitted to RIEW-Pazardzhik.

As a further step EIA Report was discussed at meeting of the Expert Environmental Council (EEC) to the RIEW-Pazardzhik. During the meeting EEC examined and approved the EIA Report of the investment proposal of  Pazardzhik Municipality.