08 Sep '14

Public access to Draft of “Ibisha” Managed Reserve Management Plan

In connection with public contract with subject: „Development of management plans for  “Chuprene” Reserve,  “Gornata koria” Reserve and “Ibisha” Managed Reserve”, with contracting authority RIEW-Montana and contract for implementation of the public contract № ОПОС-2-Д-13 from 02.04.2014, between RIEW-Montana and “P-United” Ltd., we announce public access to the following document:

Draft of “Ibisha” Managed Reserve Management Plan

Public access is not less than 20 days prior to the formal public consultation according to our technical documentation for the above-mentioned contract. Public consultation will be held on 8 of October, 2014 in Municipality of Valchedrum.

You can sent opinions about the Draft of the Management Plan on:
e-mail: mail@p-united.org

To „P-United“ Ltd., Address: 1756 Sofia, “Kliment Ohridski” Blvd. № 14, fl. 5.

To RIEW-Montana, Address: 3400 Montana, ул. "Uiluis Irasek” Str. № 4, MB 55, fl. 3